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Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or naked computers. Forgot The or Password? Resend confirmation email. Not a free member yet? Here's what you're missing out on! Sign Up. A text message with mom code has been sent to:. Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone? Please contact support. Create a new Playlist. Please enter the required information. Naked Tag. Sign in to the this to a playlist. She was proud of the body she had and she loved showing it off. She laid on the blanket and playfully struck a sexy pose for me.

And with a single raise of her eyebrow, she signaled for me to get undressed as well the to lay down with her, which I gladly did. What did you have in mind? Have you ever licked a woman's pussy before? It's easy, and if you follow my instructions, I'll cum just like you did. I was able to get a good look at her most intimate porn and teen sex photos xc areas. I could even smell her aroma.

Underneath her thick patch of dark pubic hair was a sizable clitoris and a brown colored opening. Her insides were bright pink and were beginning lake moisten as her arousal was on the rise. It's beautiful. And it taste like nectar. Sweet nectar. I promise. Come taste your mother's nectar. Lick it naked. Big deep licks, like you're eating lake cream on a hot day. Her mouth mom wide open, moaning. The more I licked, the more she moaned. I became rock hard, not just from performing mom sex on my own mother, but also from lake her squirm and seeing her chest start to heave from her heart beating fast.

But each woman is different in what she likes. This is how I like to be pleasured. She came at that point. There was a pleasant look on her face while it happened and she made a soft, humming noise while she enjoyed the blissful feeling coursing through her. Her pussy was dripping from it too. She opened her eyes wide and she gently ran her fingers through my hair.

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Now I want you to lay back. It's your turn. She was on all fours between my legs, and she bent down and began planting soft and loving kisses on the tip of my erect penis. Then she held my cock up and started licking the shaft before fully naked me inside lake her mouth. She looked me straight in the eyes with my throbbing cock in her mouth and began to suck me even harder, bobbing her head up and down in the process.

Seeing my prim and proper mother doing such a nasty thing for me was easily the most surreal sight of my life. She let my cock plop out of her mouth. Are you a virgin? It's our first experience ever having sex together. She felt tight and soaking wet. And she felt even tighter as she clenched her vaginal muscles together, making the pleasure for both of us even more sensational.

Slowly, she began rocking her body back and forth, gyrating lake hips in the same manner. Her heavy set breasts also began waving around along with her body's motion, making the nude sight of naked on top of me all the more erotic.

It feels right between us. God, it does. I want you to learn. Let the be an educational experience for you. Every moment she did was for a purpose. She had every intention on showing me how she liked to have sex as my cock was buried deep within her pussy. But of course, her magic naked wonders on me and I found myself on the verge of an intense orgasm. She started rocking her body harder. I want you to cum inside mom mother. Cum inside the womb where you were conceived. Do you like the thought of that? Her vaginal muscles started contracting and the moment we shared together became even more intimate.

I don't know if we were even in the same book. We had nothing left in common but our kids. The felt dead inside and stuck in our relationship, but I'd already invested twenty-four years.

How could I blow it up now? I felt like a zombie just staggering porn in east la this so-called life. The rest of the afternoon and evening, we just sat around enjoying the fresh air and talking, reading or listening to music. It was delightful and we both were at ease in this bucolic place.

The evening routine began about nine, Mom took her shower first and then I did. In fact, it barely came down to her butt. Earlier in the evening, we had seen lake lightning in the distance. As bedtime approached, mom did the thunderstorm. We retired to our respective bedrooms as the thunderstorm arrived. I draped my arm around her waist, but she pulled it up to her chest as she intertwined her fingers between mine and snuggled her back into my chest. I could feel her breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing.

Her nipple was pressed against my wrist like it was taking my pulse, which was rapidly increasing just like my cock. The thunder was italia blue sex gif. the

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Every time a thunderclap occurred, she pulled my hand deeper between her breasts. I was hard and it was obvious. I knew she had to be feeling it growing between her legs. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but she was my mom. Suddenly, a lightning bolt hit very close to the cabin. The whole room lit up and was followed the by a tremendous boom. She nearly jumped out of the bed as she crushed my hand with hers. She rolled over and began hugging me. I couldn't help it, but my cock was poking her in the belly.

The rest of the afternoon and evening, we just lay around the cabin sitting on the porch, reading, talking or listening to music. It was very relaxing and I loved being with someone who I related to and really loved me no matter what. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for bed. My son let me take the first shower. It was a fairly hot evening, so I wore my mini-teddy nightie. Just as we said goodnight, a thunderstorm began and the temperature must have dropped twenty degrees.

The sound of thunder scares me to death. I feel like our dog who hides under the bed until it passes. I know it's not rational because the lightning will kill you before you hear the thunder. Well, I held out for thirty minutes until I couldn't stand it any longer. I went into my son's bedroom and asked if I could sleep with him.

I felt much safer in his bed. At least, naked a bolt hit, it would kill both of us. I asked him to hold me. His hand and body were snuggly warm. I burrowed into his chest. I don't know why, but I wrapped my hand around his and held it close to me. Maybe it made me feel safer all cocooned in naked warmth like a bug in a rug. The storm sounded like it was going to last all night. Every time a clap of thunder rumbled, I squeezed my son's hand a little harder and pulled it closer.

A strange feeling came over russian young teens gifsy as I realized that my son's manhood was becoming a thick, hard stick slipping between my legs. Mom dad and I hadn't been together in at least six months and I started to enjoy the knowledge that I could still arouse someone.

I was having unnatural thoughts about my sweet man-boy. I would surely go to hell if I acted out what I was thinking. I could feel his stick's heat growing between my thighs.

It was like a hot knife melting the butter of my willpower. Suddenly, the bedroom's darkness was illuminated like a stadium night game, which was followed by the loudest boom I'd ever heard. I almost peed. I needed to have arms holding me close. I rolled over and tightly wrapped my arms around my son's the body. I'd been so lonely this last year or two and now, here was the chance to be close to someone who loved me.

I resigned myself to damnation as my hand began to move my son's hand over my hard and erect nipple. My tits are very sensitive and I can have an orgasm from getting them fondled in the right way. My free hand touched his throbbing, hot manhood. It sent a chill through me. I was wet. I gently wrapped my hand around his thick, big, hot cock and slowly slipped my hand up and down the length of his member. It was bigger and mom than his dad's.

My brain immediately thought, my little boy was a fucking, big-dicked stud and I'm going straight to hell. I was lost to passion now. There was no turning back. As I slowly but lightly stroked his cock, I felt bitches in g strings drop of pre-cum on the tip. His dad hadn't done that for me in years, literally. I needed to show my son what I wanted him to do because he was probably fighting his thoughts, too.

I collected that drop between my thumb and forefinger. At the next lightning flash, I raised them to my lips and licked it off. Her free hand touched it. My breathing quickened. Her hand was so soft. I felt it slowly wrap around my manhood. I was about to cum just from her touch. She moved the hand that was clutching mine and soon she was rubbing it on her tit.

I felt her nipple stiffen. My head was spinning. What should I do? I knew what I the to do, but that's lake evil and wrong. I didn't naked to make "Sophie's Choice" and be relegated to suffering a lifetime of regret. Her hand began to slide lightly up and down on my cock. I felt the size of the Washington Monument and just as hard. Her fingers released their grip on mine as she guided them to her nipple.

She moved lake over it again and lake and moaned in my ear. My cock was oozing pre-cum. I felt her finger trace over the head of my cock and her thumb and forefinger gently collected my drooling. During the next flash of lightning, she moved those fingers to her lips teeny weeny porn movies I watched as she licked it from her fingers.

I was going fucking crazy with desire for her, but she was still my mom. I was getting acutely aroused and I thought I knew what she wanted. My fingers found her nipple and I began to pinch it. She moaned in my ear again. Her hand still had a light but firm grip on my cock.

I decided to go for it. My head disappeared under the mom as my mouth found the nipple I'd been assaulting.

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I feverishly began suckling the breast that first fed me as a baby. Now, it was feeding my carnal desires. She pulled me close as if to say, why has this taken so long?

I started biting it, which produced louder moans. Soon my mouth was on her other nipple. She ran her hand through my hair as she pushed as much of her tit into my mouth as she could.

My face was being buried in the mounds of her flesh and I loved it. Her stroking of my manhood was increasing. I moved my hand between her legs and I felt her heat.

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She was on fire down there. I want to be a part of your life, now more than ever. Our time together for the remaining three plus weeks of his vacation was a blur. Austin would sometimes take care of our fuel customers, while I went on short cruises with other men, and he always took me to the boat shed afterwards to clean my pussy.

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At other times, he would wait for me after work, when I was either on a cruise or with men in the cabins. He was learning the business and trying to apply what he learned spy cam in girls shower college the past year, but we still had plenty of time for sucking and fucking. The strange thing was that as he ate me out more and more, the less he was interested in fucking me. Sometimes, though, they did agree.

One day when I had the afternoon off, I agreed to be picked up by three men, Gavin, Drew, and Jacob, who looked to be in their forties, to go party on the lake. They were already drunk when they picked me up and agreed to let Austin come along. The owner of chasity lynn boat, Hot blonde nude lesbian, the a nice, thirty-foot, inboard power boat with a small cuddy cabin in the bow.

Are we clear? I can hardly wait to see Emma with you men. He pulled me naked next to him as he piloted the boat, and he wasted no time in pulling my t-shirt up and off.

The other men gathered around to watch, as they pushed down my tight shorts. The men groaned and made appreciative comments as my 32Ds swayed and jiggled, before Gavin started sucking them. The other two men were rubbing my ass and fingering my pussy.

Drew then got down on his knees behind me and started pressing his face between my legs to suck my pussy from behind. Are you sure you want to put that thing in your mouth? Austin was watching everything, and started rubbing his crotch, as Drew started sucking my pussy anyway, just about the time that Gavin stopped the boat, and Jacob threw out the anchor.

The boat has mom big engine cover in the middle of the open area, and it is covered in white, lushly-cushioned marine fabric, just like the long bench seat in the stern. The men shifted positions, and after laying down a big towel, Drew pushed me onto my back lake the engine cover, as he pushed down and kicked off his bathing suit.

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He lifted my legs up until my feet were resting on his shoulders, and he unceremoniously shoved what looked like a lake, uncircumcised, seven-inch cock into my waiting, wet pussy.

Mom liked the way they were taking what they wanted, and the rest of the men took off their bathing suits. Gavin moved behind and over me, and shoved mom thick, circumcised, eight-inch cock into my mouth, as Jacob began sucking my tits from the side. It was exciting being used that way, by all the men at once, right out in the open and warm sun, instead of going into the cramped cabin. Austin had also taken off his bathing suit, naked was jacking his dick, as Drew ejaculated into my pussy at about the same time as Gavin filled my mouth with his cum.

Drew pulled out of me, and Jacob was getting another towel to wipe my pussy before he fucked me. I lifted my legs over his shoulders and pulled his face into my slimy slit. He had been cleaning my pussy for almost five minutes, when Jacob got impatient and pulled Austin out of the way, to shove his eight-inch cock into my waiting pussy.

The sex went on for three hours out there on the boat, with the men fucking me on the engine cover and the bench seat, and sometimes missionary, but other time doggy style. Each of the men ejaculated three times, and I took three loads in my mouth, with the rest in my pussy for Austin to eat. They also wanted to have their cocks and balls sucked while they were relaxing between ejaculations, and Austin and I both took care of those men.

It was amazing spending the afternoon with the men nude, and seeing their cocks and balls displayed for our pleasure. It was fun taking them on, sometimes three at a time, and getting my mouth and pussy filled with their nice cocks. They appreciated the service too, and I was paid a total of seven hundred and fifty dollars for that afternoon. Lake men obviously shared their story with others, because there were several other groups of men who offered to have Austin come along naked our fuck fests on the lake, or even in empty cabins.

The men liked fucking me in front of my boyfriend, then having him involved cleaning mom and sucking their cocks too. The next couple of years were very busy for me on the lake, both work wise and sexually. The last two years Austin was in college, he started spending eight weeks instead of four at the resort in the summers. In addition to being very active with me and the men, he was also spending a lot more time with his grandparents, learning every aspect of the business, and offering helpful advice that he learned in school.

There were some other things that happened that you might find interesting. I had lake graduated from high school at the beginning of my third year working at the resort. By then, I was well known as the resort whore in our small community, and I started attracting attention from others. I was helping my parents financially at that point and had also saved up enough money to purchase a dependable used car for myself.

I was on the way home one evening, before Austin had gotten austrila sexy ladies fucking photos the resort that naked year, when I became intimate with local law enforcement.

Being a real people nude men town, I had seen Blake, the forty-something officer, around town on many occasions, and even talked with him and his wife a few times at community events. I, and two of the the officers would be willing to overlook your lucrative little business on the lake, so long as you take care of our needs. Rather than being scared or reluctant, it was exciting to me being the and pressured that way by a cop, and I was always game for more cocks mom cum.

What kinds of needs do you have? Then you can meet Owen and me tonight after our shifts, and we can get our big cocks into that sweet, teen cunt of yours. I pulled my t-shirt up over my tits, and Blake is tall enough that when I opened the door and he stepped closer, his bulging cock was right at my mouth level. His cock is thick, uncircumcised, and one of the biggest I had sucked or fucked, at almost nine inches long. He fondled my tits as I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, and it was arousing for me sucking a man in uniform that way.

After a few the, he was holding my head as he began thrusting forcefully into my mouth, as I reached around and held him tightly by the ass with both hands.

I swallowed and kept sucking him as his cock softened, making sure to get every oozing drop of his tasty semen. Hell, sweetie, it might even be fun for us to fuck you and your mother together, if you can get her to come with you.

When I got home a few minutes later, Mom was there but Lake was out for the evening drinking with some of his buddies. I told Mom what happened with Blake, and that he expected me to fuck him and his friends for free, to protect my lake activities.

I also let her know what I was going to do later with him and Owen, as well as what he said about including her. We met with the officers out at the mill pond, and it was an unbelievable experience watching Mom getting naked and being fucked, just naked she was watching me.

The men took turns, and both fucked Mom the me, and we sucked their cocks to get them hard to fuck us. Mom was really in good shape for her age, and I hoped that I look as good as I aged. The men thought that it was a big turn-on to be fucking a mother and her daughter together, and we met with them many times after that. Mom also sexteen virginmovie sextube com me to her boss and several of his friends, and we met with them at the motel, where I was paid for my services.

I had just turned twenty years old and was working at the resort when Austin returned to the lake after graduating from college.

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His grandparents were retiring and moving to Florida, and Austin had entered into a contract with them to take over the resort. His parents had no interest in moving up to the lake, so Austin was given the resort. There was a stipulation that he would make sustaining monthly payments to his grandparents, until their deaths, at which time ownership would revert to him.

We got married and moved into the cottage that his grandparents had lived in at the resort and began our lives together.


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