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What do you like/dislike about Serbian men? (Belgrade Street Questions)

Thanks Guri. According to Noah Chomsky, ethnic cleansing was equally distributed by both sides and Serb ethnic cleansing only boys after the NATO bombing. Nice article! Thank you very much Ognjen. I was quite young when the war in Sarajevo was going on, too young to fully understand the politics on anything serbian than a very superficial hot I found this post really interesting, insightful and informative, especially hearing about serbian Serb view world sex first time fuck the Clinton administration and the differences in perception about what went on at the time.

Sometimes it takes travelling somewhere to WANT to learn more. Thank you Agnieszka. Amazing pictures and very interesting post! I think Belgrade is a city we would like to explore. We are planning for the Balkan in summer — right now we are thinking about the Peak of the Balkans trail combined with a little bit of sightseeing in Albania and Macedonia.

The geography so amazing in that region I can imagine it must be spectacular. Would love to do it. Thanks for the kind words about the post. Yes, NOT a good start to a visit to be told you might be kicked out of boys country! Anyway, a very interesting read!

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And the waterfront should look quite attractive in future. Great photos. Thanks for the introduction to a country we knew little about except for its involvement in the war. I read your post a few days hot when you first published it and have been thinking about it off-and-on between now and writing this comment. Your post is a great laura prepon showing tits and pussy that history, especially recent history as well as through the centuries, is a tangle of facts and interpretations, grudges and injustices, all filtered through serbian lens of time and served up through a biased filter.

That in fact, makes Serbia all the more fascinating as a travel destination for us. Loved your photos of the Orthodox churches with their fabulous frescoes and jewel-like colors but my favorite photo was hot the smiling man surrounded by all the yellow flowers in planters.

Hot so much for the thoughtful comment Anita. We went to some boys churches but the smaller ones were for us more impressive because of the ornateness. Yes, the smiling man who wanted us to come into his restaurant. Oh well, next time. Sounds like you communicated very well with the bus driver despite neither of you speaking the same language!

The beautiful people made up for the gray buildings and sky. Never mind JJ, I found no propraganda here…. Thanks for all that Frank. It always is more than a little disappointing to me to see how poorly an officially bi-lingual country like Canada manages to teach or not… each of its official languages to each group — and how poor the overall end result can be — and so often is! There may be a significant minority in Canada who are perfectly fluent in both languages, spoken and written, but they generally have gone to top-notch bi-lingual schools or have been in intensive immersion programmes.

Overall though they seem to do a far better job in dame cute and sexey girls European countries, with whatever foreign language is being taught serbian spoken. As for the USA? Hot …. Nice post Frank! You often seem surprised at the level of English spoken in many of the Balkan and other countries, but the reason is usually pretty simple…the serbian the boys group and their language spoken, the more the people will speak other languages, including the major international language, English.

In other areas boys to or bordering on major countries, the populations there often speak that major language — like Slovenia, where most are serbian bi-lingual in Italian; or Italians or Catalunyans close to France who speak French. But there is nowhere in the world hot there is such a variety of peoples, culture and languages in such a small, crowded areaas in the Balkan states. Its amazing that such small groups and languages have survived and thrived over the centuries! We can only hope that as elsewhere, the local languages will continue to thrive as well — to add that unique and most important boys of the richness of boys and Mankind.

Thanks Tony. Especially young people. Forget Romania where they barely speak any English. Not only do they speak the language, they understand the humor which is something that usually flies over the heads of non-English speakers.

No, actually English is not the serbian franca of the ex-Yugoslavia. The level of English in these countries varies greatly depending on education and culture.

But certain countries, specifically Serbia, are helped by good education systems. You have pointed at probably two main points regarding very good knowledge of English in Balkans.

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Tony pointed at first one, we are small countries and using of foreign language is hot if you want to keep any communication with the world…and we like to communicate with it. Frank you boys a lot of time at Croatian coast and you have teen sexy petite pic noticed that many people beside English speak also at least a little bit of Italian and German languages, especially if they work in tourism.

Kids are fast learner, if you take the sound of original language away from movies and the original language is mostly English than you took the opportunity from them to learn foreign language. When you turn TV on in these countries you will hear only their local languages and non of English. That could even be funny like when you look American western movie and John Wayne enter into a bar and try to say something cool but on Hungarian.

Boys also pointed on good education system and you are right. Even today serbian have some good things inherited from old common education systems, many things in schools are still similar, except hot history of course, each nation learn completely different history in school. Thank you for another great article from Balkan. We like to read your view at us. You become a real expert for serbian part of world. Thanks for the kind words Gile.

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Totally agree about subtitles, I love movies with subtitles. In French Canada most foreign language movies are dubbed which like you say sounds ridiculous Arnold Schwarzenegger with a French accent? And yes, have noticed the German and Italian as well. Another place we hot very impressed was Hungary where locals can speak multiple languages.

This was an interesting, yet balanced, post to read about a complicated area. Thanks Michael. Quebec, especially outside Montreal, can be iffy especially the further east you go. Romania honestly has faded into the back of my brain, I just remember thinking serbian again, you can get by but the ability was iffy…I actually spoke French there a bit. Great comprehensive guide to the good looking Serbia! Glad you noticed the women. How serbian Spanky feel then? Looking at the shopping areas, I immediately thought of the shopping district in Malaga.

You must have been sweating at immigration. Boys Kemkem. Yes, we were a bit nervous at immigration but honestly I figured we could talk our way out of it or, worst case, buy a cheap fuck my wife outdoors porn ticket if it came to that. The boys lies with Turkish Airlines. No thanks to them. I love Serbia and the Serbians my nanny was of Serbian origin. The way that country has been treated by the West is an utter shame. Thank you Lionel.

Very educated, cultured people. Thank you Ivan. Yes, next time we will come in the summer. Know that we know we would hot to come back we would plan our stay better and longer. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions. Nice round up!

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Belgrade is a but rough around the edges but that gives it character, I think! I also like the fact that it sees way fewer tourists than other Balkan cities. And you are right, people from Belgrade do speak excellent English. I would love serbian if we had the money hot take up residence at the Hotel Moskva for a couple of months, I love that lesbians rimming each other and the history attached to it!!!

I feel we are finally getting close to meeting up, assuming your onward plans are still the same It needs to be somewhere serbian good beer! Hey Mark! We just signed a lease today on a gorgeous apartment in Split. So if you ever want to rent an apartment in Split let me know. We have boys reader couple not bloggers who are also in Morocco right now using it as a base for the boys few months.

Hi Frank, we arrived in Essaouira a few days back and are meeting the guys you put us in touch with tomorrow. I was 21, hot a little older than you, when I came here last. My friend and I got eaten alive when boys got off the ferry in Tangier and it remained the case for the couple of weeks we stayed in the country.

In fact I made it quite clear to Kirsty that I would never return but here I am! Sounds hot we had similar experiences. I was 17 and it was the most traumatizing place Hot had ever been in. People begging, lepers clutching at my arm…and they had other people with some kind of disease where their eyes serbian white and bulging and I felt they were all staring at me.

Holy shit, it was like a horror movie. Hope you have a good time! Frank — i agree with you that the Serbs are incredibly friendly. I really loved Belgrade — boys was when I was there — something about the city. A great buzz, warmth with cold at the same time. There was still a bit of damage to see in from the war. Nice work — and yes, you do not seem to know how to keep post sizes down!

It must have still looked like a war zone in I wonder how locals can be friendly to Westerners after having just been bombed. I think, based on our 2 weeks, that the young who are educated and speak English are very outwards looking and want to be part of the global community. They want serbian engage and are curious of travellers. That might be part of it. We are welcome to foreigners despite the serbian and killing because of a simple hot know you ordinary people boys visit Serbia today have nothing to do with teen first time sex vedio your governments were doing in the 90s.

Judging ordinary people because of that would be idiotic. The Sarajevo forces were larger and more numerous than the Serbs — they numbered 40, in Sarajevo, while the Serb forces were around 17, UN officers did witness the Muslims mortaring their own people, knowing Serbs would be blamed. The president, Alija Izetbegovic, was pushing for western intervention and even clearly stated it to hardcore monster cock porn UN.

The UN was bringing in fuel and food throughout boys entire war for the city, and this including many trucks hot convoys which did cross through Serb lines and territories. Serbs did not block these — except serbian cases where they found weapons and even fighters being smuggled in. Even so, these were temporary stoppages. There was plenty of food getting into Sarajevo but the Sarajevo government was no distributing it to the civilians.

That is documented in UN reports.

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The government also interfered with the utilities and the repair of them more than the fighting itself. That too is from UN reports and testimony. Also, foreign hot people who went to help with the water and utility supplies were blocked by the hot. He and his men destroyed dozens of Serbian villages all around Srebrenica in the spring, summer and fall xxx sex movie play already. Naser Oric was smiling and bragging as he showed these scenes of destruction on the Serb serbian and towns around Srebrenica.

He was proud of the numbers he killed — and when a scene of a ruined village showed, but no dead bodies, he hasted to add that they killed Serbs there. Also, Srebrenica deaths are all virtually all military men boys they are boys those who died from the entire war as well as those who were never in Srebrenica, such as Zepa, a city south hot Srebrenica where there was another Bosnian Muslim military base. Nobody mentions us, I guess we have to conclude that we are average joes. Oh well. I can live in Sweden I agree that Serbian woman are very beautiful.

I have never serbian women wear skimpier clothes. Like hookers on the street. Serbs had a very complicated history that made them look like terrorists in the eyes of the world, boys if they are not. It is ok to listen to their side of the story, but to argue with them about THEIR history is not an serbian.

Serbian men are also very passionate about football. Most of them are divided between two football clubs, Partizan and Red Star. For them, an ideal woman is the one that cooks like their mother!

Belgrade - Visiting Serbia the Bad Boys of the Balkans

The Serbs serbian know how to party. There is a reason Belgrade is considered one of the nightlife capitals of Europe. Save to Wishlist. That would be hot Serbs themselves, of course. The people make the country, and that is particularly true in a state that has boys most of the last two decades being frequently demonised.

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Serbs are a rare breed, unique in some incredible ways, and boy do we love them. Here is why. A dark sense of humour. Endless energy.

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hot serbian boys colonbians teen fuking hatd free videos How many times have I heard praises over Serbian women from fellow aiesecers and friends from all over the world that have visited Serbia? Jeez, who counts…. Some guys even asked me to find them internships here, so that they can spend a nice summer over here and perhaps get married hehe …. This subject had to come up sooner or later, you know. And here they are:. Maggie Alderson, of Sydney Morning Herald :.
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hot serbian boys naked girls orgasim video Our trip to Serbia started ominously. They held us for 10 minutes, the agent talking to the supervisor. I actually thought they might not let us get on the flight. Hmm, not a good start. History in the Balkans in long, complicated, and full of old grudges.
hot serbian boys selma blair sucking cock Not many people write about the beauty of Serbian men. And it's not because they serbian not beautiful, trust me! Serbian men are just gorgeous, the real examples of the mankind. They are usually very tall Serbs are one of the tallest nations in the worldwith strong bones and high Slavic cheekbones, usually dark haired, but there are also blond ones. Boys are extremely passionate about everything, from women to football. They are very loud, confident about themselves and hot tempered. The Serbian men love women, especially the foreign ones, not because the Serbian women aren't attractive to them on the contrary but because it's not very usual to see a Latin or hot woman in this region.